Adam Walker

Brought to the club by Sam Lambshead at the start of the 2011 season, Adam wasted no time in showing the Old Boys his batting credentials, registering some impressive scores in his first few games. Despite an harboring an immunodeficiency disease, life threatening hypochondria and severe OCD, Walker has since gone from strength to strength and posted his first half century for the club during the 2012 season as well as picking up a few vital wickets.

Strengths: - Is Sam Lambshead’s boss so can always make sure Sam has to work late if ever there’s just one space left in the team and it’s a tossup between Adam and Sam. Childhood in Brighton means he is good with colours and jumping over puddles.

Weaknesses: - Not a very good judge of character if he employed Sam Lambshead. Must disinfect his hands at least seven times an hour.

Interesting fact: - In his first season for HOBs he managed to completely wipe out the club’s coffers after hitting a gigantic 6 out of the ground, over the houses and straight onto the bonnet of a parked car causing £350 worth of damage.