Match Report

MOD v Henleaze Old Boys
Thursday 25th June at The Civil Service Ground

By P Trahar

I think it wouldn't be unreasonable to state that the civil service ground on the 25th June 2009 was possibly the worst wicket the HOBs boys had ever seen. Memories of doing ten tors and getting stuck in marshes on Dartmoor were comparable.

Having not played that many games this season (okay Tone, I've played 3 so I owe you 15 quid now) it was a surprise that captain Pandya-Smith chose to bat upon winning the toss. Mighty men quickly fell with Trahar not troubling the scorers or actually managing to touch the ball and our captain notching up a paltry four before getting himself caught out.

Luckily, Davies knows a sticky wicket when he sees one and got himself set with Serjeant. Somehow, the good make it look easy. They amassed a total of 19 fours between them both handsomely getting over 50; Ed getting a fantastic 83! Ed, I'm so sorry it's taken me ages to write this and I can't remember your shots! Did you hit that woman that was sat on the steps. You got her right in the box, or would have done if her water bottle hadn't saved her. Still, she moved in the end!!

HOBs set the MOD a very impressive 164 to win. From memory we often struggle to beat the MOD so this would be good.

Up step Will... Bowling like a man possessed, where does he get that speed from? Unfortunately, with a slightly odd pitch one came off the seam nastily and got Frankie straight in the forward head. Somehow missing eyes; teeth; nose, Ash had a river of claret rolling down his face. Being the responsible men we now are, someone actually suggested he go to hospital. I would have gone for the sticky back plastic myself. Big up to Ed, for smashing a grand total and then sacrificing himself to take Ash to Southmead. They returned about an hour later with Ash having had 5 stitches. No painkillers though mate -ibruprofen doesn't count - trust me you missed a trick there! Anyway back to the game...

It was good to see Tone get some wickets. Always our best bowler, in my opinion and so often missing off the honours board. Still, I think he probably could have had more if the conspiracy to drop catches off his bowling wasn't continuing in earnest. We obviously need some lessons off Ponting...

I think it would be fair to say that our captain got the most dodgy fifer we've ever seen. Looping catches up to Serjeant, who did admirably in Frankie's absence. The softest caught and bowled. He finally finished up the match with an absolute cracker that Stu 'Collingwood' Adams plucked from the air. In fairness I doubt I'd be so hard if Jo hadn't been so shocked with his fifer himself. Still fairplay boss! Great haul, which gave us the victory! It also put an end to their batsmen constantly pertaining to being footballers and not cricketers, which got a little tiresome...