We are a cricket team predominantly made up of old school friends, who mostly come from Henleaze - except for Ashley who we all know comes from the mead.

As you can see from the picture below, we are, first and foremost a complete joke……………….


The discovery of booze, fags, nightclubs and loose women ultimately led to these early chapters being locked away, left untouched for the best part of a decade. However, they are opened here, for the beady eyes of you HOB followers……..

Henleaze Old Boys can be traced back as far as the beginning of the 2005 season, however, many members of the current squad had played years before for unofficial HOB teams. Early records show at least half the team playing for Filton High School in 1993/94 (Henleaze Young Boys). Joel Brown (then Joel Gordon Brown), Ash Fillingham, Tom Lambshead, Stu Ogilvie, Jon and Jo Smith, Pete Trahar, Adam Warmington and even Niko Zographou decided to make a sporting stand against the yobs, illiterates, bullies, racists and glue sniffers that patrolled the stinking, decaying school corridors. How better to do this than start a school cricket team. Under the watchful eye of Mr Rafter the PE teacher, a bumbling, incomprehendable, ex rugby oaf of a man, this side formed the backbone to perhaps the most unsuccessful cricket team ever. In the 1993 season, Jon Smith led the Young Boys to loss after loss after loss, culminating in their failure to register a single victory that year.

The Filton High School House matches were perhaps the only occasions that pitted the hob knobs' against each other. Cabot House being the strongest side, featuring Adam, Ash, Joel, Jon, Pete, Stu and Tom with Jo and Niko playing for Brunel. Joel scored a memorable 90 not out in one game and Stuart took possibly the greatest catch of all time. Fielding at silly mid off, he sent out a stretching goose like hand and dived full length forward to take the crucial wicket of Jo Smith, the Brunel Captain. Perhaps the most breathtaking performance though, was that of Oz / Pom Peter 'Pierre the half-breed' Trahar. Called upon to bowl, Trahar stormed in, but during his excitement (or nervousness) he had forgotten to let go of the ball until it was too late, thus ending up launching the ball down at his own feet before collapsing in a heap.

The previous few years, Jon and Jo Smith had been playing for Old Elizabethans Cricket Club. They invited the talented Stuart 'Otter' Ogilvie and Adam 'Billy' Warmington to join them and before long the rest of what would soon be the school side joined the ranks and took over. Old E's proved much more successful than Filton, winning several games and reaching the semi final of the Bristol and District Shield, only losing by default as they were unable to raise a side for the match. Admittedly, the Shield was for those knocked out of the 1st round of the proper cup.

One of the reasons many of the current HOB stars suffer with their technique can be attributed to the early coaching they received from Ivan 'The Terrible' and Paul 'The Mong Arm'. Both 3rd team players for the men's side, they were somehow put in charge of Old E's youth setup. Ivan was a giant of a man, 6ft 4 and 25 stones with an enormous ginger beard - a grizzly bear if you will. He openly spoke of his love for prostitution, which was understandable considering his size, however he was a good laugh and the lads had many a good craic with him. He once turned Jon Smith upside down, bear hugged him and rolled him down an embankment, Smith's eyes nearly popping out in the process and who can forget the time when Ivan flopped his belly out onto the pool table, covering the pocket just as Fillingham was about to roll the black ball in for a famous victory.

Paul on the other hand was a real pain in the arse. He loved his role as team manager and loved boring the young HOBs with his amateur cricket coaching crap. Born with an unfortunate disability that left his right arm crippled, (think of a very, very camp man with limp wrist attached to chest,) it never stopped him from playing the game and he actually turned out to be a decent defensive batsman. This of course didn't stop us from taking the piss, shouts of "have a bowl Paul" amongst others were commonplace.

These pair of muppets coached Old E's Youth team for two seasons offering no help or advice of any worth during the whole period.

Cricket nets were always enjoyable during these golden days although the lads were forced to share their net sessions with the seniors. An unsavoury lot, made up of old men, boy racers and general misfits of society. Men who played with a fag in their mouth and a pint in their hand - perhaps how cricket should be played.

Some things never change though. Adam bowled spin (and was hammered everywhere), Jo hammered net bowlers everywhere (but never scored in games), Ash kept wicket (and let them through his legs), Jon huffed and puffed (and slogged), Joel had the style (but not the runs), Stu had his injuries, Tom could catch and Pete you sensed wished he was in the ocean rather than at point....

The final nail in the coffin for Old E's youth team probably came when one Sunday morning the side turned up with just 7 players. Jon had a bloody nose and could only see out of one eye after he'd been savagely beaten in the Thekla the night before. Jo, Ash, Joel and Stu were clearly still either very drunk or being sick somewhere and rumour has it that Adam was still in bed, getting knob rot off some cheap tart.

And that's where it ended for the majority of 'would be Hobbers', the following summers spent drinking copious amounts of alcohol watching England fail in World Cups and European Championships until some 10 years later, Henleaze Old Boys were formed.